Work Ending 17/12/2016

  • Work Ending 17/12/2016

    Work Ending 17/12/2016

    Almost time for Santa to head down those chimneys! I hope they are all in good working order?!

    Another update from the past couple of weeks.

    This wall was in pretty bad shape. The amount of earth this wall had to retain was just too much for the wall the take. We also had to add a couple of buttresses to keep the rest falling in the way!  

    We had fitted a couple stoves over the past few weeks.

    We got asked to repair this chimney that was in a really bad state. The Bridges inside had gone and the Cement patches destroyed the sandstone from the inside out and was only staying up by the cement. But now the Chimney is all ready for santa!

    We have been asked to repair some detailed work in Montrose and had been asked to supply a sample from the material that we would be using.

    Some more lovely cement pointing removed from a nice little cottage in Dundee. We also re-painted the door/window surrounds and facias.

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