Work Ending 1/4/2016

  • Work Ending 1/4/2016

    Work Ending 1/4/2016

    Spring has Spung! well apart from today! its allowed us to get a fair bit done over the last couple of weeks.

    These photos are from the granite worktop we installed a couple of weeks back. Made with Steel Grey,
    We have loads of different samples at our showroom if your looking for a new worktop.

    IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0034

    A Project we are working on in Monifieth with Lithomex to bring the window and door surrounds back to original tooling’s and creating new stone where there was just a cement band.

    IMG_9032 IMG_9033 IMG_9031 IMG_9029

    IMG_0050 IMG_0044 IMG_0049 IMG_0053

    At the start of the week we worked up near Forfar, working with are friends at Stoveco to help get a customers chimney in full working order. We had to break into the chimney and sort a bit of work that had been done previously but we got it done and managed to put the chimney liner down as well. We will be back once the stove has been fitted to render the patches on the wall.

    IMG_0096 IMG_0089

    A small Pointing job just outside Dundee. The Pointing had been removed around 5 years ago and had been left open to the elements! We had to turn ourselves into Gardeners just to get all the ivy and rose roots out of the wall.

    IMG_0062 IMG_8924

    We also started a fairly big job in Broughty Ferry this week to build a wall then a Garage. Photos to come next week once we make a bit of a dent in the build!

    And finally a new member to the Rocked Out Stone Fleet! If you see this out and about it will more than likely be Ryan. Give him a toot or say Hi I’m sure he’d be happy to say Hi back!
    Great work From Duncan Signs In Dundee and my good Friend Paul for the Design.


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