Work ending 12/02/2016

  • Work ending 12/02/2016

    Work ending 12/02/2016

    Its been a lovely week this week! Well until now.

    We’ve been busy opening up a fireplace and making it┬ásafe!

    This fireplace was blocked over but left with no Lintel so the brick work has just been hanging in place.
    Eventually we will be putting a woodburning stove in the opening.


    We have also started on a gable end and chimney in Broughty Ferry. With the winds and the rain the gable end had been taking a battering and with most of the Pointing has being cement pointing the inside of the walls have been saturated since the cement doesn’t let the stone dry out and breathe!.

    (I think Craig and Ryan are cuddling up to keep warm!)

    IMG_9823 IMG_9826 IMG_9827 IMG_9828 IMG_9831 IMG_9822 IMG_9821 IMG_9820

    Some times even when its cold the view is still great!

    (Click for a Panorama)


    110 squared metres cut out this week of hard hard cement a lot of sore arms but feels good to have that part finished.

    IMG_0509 IMG_0507 IMG_0506 IMG_0505

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