Week Ending 11/08/2017

  • Week Ending 11/08/2017

    Week Ending 11/08/2017

    Hello, Another busy couple of weeks. I hope everyone has been having a good summer holiday and not gotten too wet!!

    We have done some work at a existing customers house which involved cutting out old mortar, removing bricks from around the windows and re pointing using lime mortar.


    We were asked to relay some coping stones on a garden wall. Cut all the mitres to give a really nicely fit together wall.

    Another existing customer had the foresight to think ahead and got us to cut out and repoint the top portion of there gable end so that when there extension is being built everything looks nice and fresh.

    A small garden wall needing a little TLC. Copes had become loose and some of the wall had fallen down now looks ready to stand for another 100 years!


    We removed all the Cement pointing from the front elevation of this house and some of the window surrounds looked a little worse for wear. So filled with Lithomex so they can be painted over again to match the existing.


    The cement Pointing on this building was so strong it was making the sandstone detail stones rot away!!
    We cut out the pointing, Lime pointed and did some Lithomex repairs.



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