It’s been a while!

  • It’s been a while!

    It’s been a while!

    Hello again!

    Its been far to long! Id like to update everyone a bit more than we have been but we have been so busy over the Summer/Autumn and its not really slowing down for the winter!

    We have had a whole load of different types of works happening from restoration, Fireplaces and repairs.

    The wall below had been left with a lot of roots inside the wall and had started to lean over to the point of being dangerous.

    We reduced the height and repointed the effected area.

    img_1085 img_1105  img_1103 img_1102

    A small cottage we have repointed, It had been cement rendered

    img_0975 img_0782 img_0779

    Multiple cottages had had years of not being looked after and in need of the cement pointing removed and repointed with Lime.

    img_0655 img_0652 img_0650 img_0649


    (Craig got a picture thought Ryan could get one!)

    A customer had asked for a fireplace. It just happened to be a massive fireplace!!

    b536bec4-5447-4c87-bc90-2d44161c7589 a37a8c89-0258-49be-a14f-81a93ce951e6 61170509-30cc-4c5a-a29c-14ce581737e0

    This Building had been getting some water ingress problems and we were asked to cut out and repoint the gable end as well as we the stone work we also carried out repairs on the timber windows and colour matched the the paint.

    img_1194 113c7b57-0b3e-4038-8542-2ed7041578da

    Another cement pointed building! again we cut out the pointing and repointed with Lime Mortar

    img_1173 img_1172 img_1171

    We even point brick if its old enough!…….. The whole gable end had been cement pointed and painted with masonry paint which is fine for modern brick but not for this brick! We stripped the wall and repointed with Lime Mortar.



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